In the Care Of Wolves - My Brother's Keeper

The book, In the Care Of Wolves - My Brother's Keeper, by S. S. Bazinet is the story of a different kind of human and the group that wants them dead.

In this fast-paced thriller, Theodore doesn't know who he is. Abducted as a baby and used for experiments to eradicate his kind, he only knows fear. His adopted family never tells him about his true origins. When he's reunited with his older brother, Theodore can't believe he's a gifted and extraordinary being, a werewolf who passes as a normal human. He doesn't look or act the part. He's timid, withdrawn and clumsy. But he doesn't have time to learn more about his true identity. His family's pack is being hunted to extinction. Theodore must flee with them before the WKA, the powerful organization that abducted him, and other opposing factions deliver a final, lethal blow. However, none of those who care about him are prepared for the possibility of the WKA's most deadly weapon, Theodore himself.

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Reviews by Readers

"This is the werewolf book for people who didn't think they would want to read a werewolf book. I loved it!"

"You will fall in love with the characters, particularly Theodore and his new found family as they struggle for survival and Theodore comes to terms with his pain, vulnerability and unique powers."

"This is truly a tale of self-discovery, of finding out about one's true nature, discovering one's true family."

"If this book was a movie (it would make a great one) I would have been on the edge of my seat."